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Bristol Faith Manifesto 2021
About the Bristol Faith Manifesto

The Bristol Faith Manifesto is a result of six months of work by representatives of different faiths in the city including Christian, Muslim, Sikh, Hindu and Jewish.

It highlights the significant role that faith has in the life of our city and sets out five aspirations that are common to all faiths and that the group commits to working with the next Mayor to achieve.

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Faith plays a significant role in the life of our City today, as it has for generations. 

We count it a privilege to work for the good of all the people of Bristol. 

From Churches to Gurdwaras, Synagogues and Temples to Mosques, people of faith are contributing daily to the well-being of Bristol. 

Woven into the fabric of our City, faith communities have played a crucial role in delivering a wide range of projects across its demographics and wards. 

While much of this service is offered voluntarily and at no cost to the local authority and other public bodies, the value to the people of Bristol runs to millions of pounds every year. 

We believe that faith communities will continue to play a significant role in our City’s future. 

In consultation with representatives of different faith communities, this Faith Manifesto sets out five aspirations we believe to be common to us all. 

We commit to working towards these goals in partnership with whoever is elected, and their Council, as the people of Bristol seek to develop this already vibrant, global City. 

We trust that the next Mayor will welcome faith communities as part of this exciting future. 
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5 Shared Aspirations
We believe the role of Mayor can unite, serve and lead our City by:

1. CELEBRATING DIVERSITY Building tolerance and understanding into the fabric of society, which is key to tackling crucial issues such as hate crime.

2. BUILDING COMMUNITY Encouraging common bonds across generational, ethnic and social divides, along with increased provision of affordable housing.

3. STRENGTHENING FAMILIES Building resilient homes for families and households, through support for young people, relationships and parenting.

4. CHALLENGING POVERTY Identifying and understanding poverty wherever it is found and developing a strategic plan to overcome gaps in provision. 

5. TACKLING CLIMATE CHANGE Building on Bristol’s twin reputation as a city of innovation and a leader in responding to the Climate Emergency, to welcome and incentivise a greener future through a bold approach to planning, housing, transport and public procurement. 

Turning such bold aspirations into reality will require a commitment to the partnership from everyone across the City. 

As people of faith, we commit ourselves to working alongside others towards the fulfilment of these goals. 

We pledge our support for our elected Mayor’s efforts to lead the City beyond the divisions of our time to a place where all its residents can fulfil their potential and look to the future with hope. 

We invite the next Mayor to convene a Faith Commission to help steer and develop the aspirations outlined above. 

Download .PDF Version (With Active Links): Click Here

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